Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog Number Two

I really enjoyed the blog.  It was attractive, although it did have a lot of advertisements, which I did not like.  The headline on the page caught my eye and that was why I stopped on this one, versus the other blogs that looked mildly dull.  The fact that San Francisco is erupting in riots is pretty exciting.  It is important to have something exciting at the top of the page.  The name of the site is fun to say and the layout is pretty good because it is colorful.  There are also quite a few options to choose from, and I could click links to several different pages to see videos or go to Facebook.  This page looks the way a blog should look.  I love the way that I can share information with my friends if I so choose, which I would, because I find the content interesting.  This seems to be a news company's blog, because there is a page where I can contact Mashable.  I believe the writer is professional, because the page is presentable.  I will probably visit this blog again because I am able to find news quickly and I don't have to read a whole lot to get the gist of the story. 
Seth Godin's blog is one I am likely to follow continuously.  His most recent entry was very interesting and discussed starting a business.  I liked the way he looked at starting a business, and he had some humor, which goes a long way.  The format is simple, but it definitely works for Seth.  He has a conversational tone that I enjoy.  I would find it valuable and I believe that many intellectuals and people who have read his book would like it as well.  Godin is a smart man with strong opinions that are interesting to analyze.  I have heard about his books, and this blog sounds quite similar to the tone of his books.  It is great that one is also able to retweet from his blog.  We can also follow it by receiving emails, which is another neat idea.
The Fahlgren Mortine blog was a great resource that I will continue to follow.  It was the most technologically savvy of the group and it looked extremely professional.  It certainly left an impression on me.  The content was valuable.  There were some short blurbs about public relations, and the information was presented attractively.  I believe many public relations representatives would find this useful.  It looks like the corporate communications coordinator, Stephanie Seiffert, wrote the blog.  Her name was at the top of one of the blog links.  I will definitely keep up with Falhgren Mortine in the future.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My assignment for COMM 634

I had never had my own Twitter account before we were given this assignment.  I had promised myself that I wouldn't do it, because I didn't want to become addicted.  I have heard of other people pouring out their angst and various other emotions for the world to see and that is not exactly my style.  I didn't think that Twitter would be something I would enjoy being a part of, but I ended up having fun reading about my favorite comedians and motorcycle racers. 
Twitter is fun because I am able to stay updated on my friends' lives and I am also able to quickly see what is happening in Columbus.  I like it because it gives me quick little bits of information and I don’t have to spend a great deal of time reading it to get the main idea.  I don’t like it because I believe it is too easy to abuse this resource.  People over share and post when they are leaving their houses and younger kids are immature and post unkind things about kids their age.  I feel like it needs to be one of those sites that you must be older than 18 to use.
Twitter is a great tool for networking for all adults.  It makes it quite easy to stay updated on happenings with friends and family,  special events, job openings, safety alerts and more.  I feel as though everyone of age 18 or older is in a position to benefit from having a Twitter account. 
I followed the Women's Health account and it was informative and did a great job to grab my attention with article titles.  Almost all of the news outlets, such as NBC 4, had information that caught my eye. Businesses were using Twitter to talk about upcoming events.  The media highlighted some really cool stories, and individual people mostly just used them for telling others about what they were doing. 
I would say the headlines were what taught me the most, because there were some that I had heard nothing about.  Since I don't regularly read the newspaper, I feel as though finding some important news on Twitter helps me feel as though I am not clueless about what is happening in the world. 
I recommend following the comedian Michael Ian Black.  I usually ended up laughing out loud whenever I read any of his posts.
I assume that I will continue using Twitter, although I am not addicted yet.  I enjoy being able to stay updated what is happening in the world through this exciting new media outlet.